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Our main priority is a comprehensive research on content and exposure on digital platforms using KOLs to artfully blend excitement and entertainment with responsible messaging.

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Unlock innovation and profitability with our comprehensive marketing plan, powered by expert guidance, cutting-edge tech and a vibrant community.

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Community building and innovative tactics, aimed at elevating your project’s token to unparalleled success within the market is a MUST.

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We will promote products and services using advanced algorithms and AI influencers. A complete turnkey strategy!

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Slava Malchenko
13+ yrs in Marketing

Plarium (450M users), Playrix ($7.5B revenue in 2022), World of Defish ($2M IDO), MagicCraft ($16M raised) and more.

Slava is a skilled marketing head and crypto CMO with a performance marketing focus. 15+ years of creating and executing digital marketing strategies in-house make him a hands-on ready control point for any Web3 business searching for scaling.

UI/UX Designer
Business Development Manager

Formerly: Influencer Manager @ Defish Games

VP of Engineering

Success Stories

11 mos

partnership period


IDO Raise

World of Defish is GameFi platform wich brings unique NFT-fishing experience along with staking, crafting and tons of other mechanics. Starting from super early stage together with Defish team we’ve grown the project to its highest level of interest and successfully closed IDO and launch mainnet.


Alexey Kuchma
CEO & Co-founder @ Defish Games

We’ve started our journey with Slava Malchenko on super early-stage. Collaborationg on everything from influencer marketing and community growth to expanding WoD on guilds and cross-game events with well-known titles I can deffinetely reccomend him to any buiseness in crypto and gaming. Slava helped to close planty of issues during our run demonstrating hands-on experience along with solid management expertise.


players worldwide


6 yrs

partnership period


Plarium is a to gamedev company with portfolio includes over 20 games ranging from hardcore RPGs to casual adventures, featuring acclaimed titles such as Raid: Shadow Legends ($1B revenue), Mech Arena, Vikings: War of Clans, Lost Island: Blast Adventure, and the Stormfall franchise. Plarium has more than 1300 specialists on board and are headquartered in Israel.


Nicholas Day
VP of Creative @ Plarium

I worked with Slava during 6 years collaborating on everything from SEO initiatives for our web portals to creative guerilla marketing campaigns for game promotional campaigns. Slava was an outstanding professional with a deep understanding of analytics, product creative, and the intersection of the two. On top of that, he was a blast to work with – and enthusiastically dove into turning “wild creative ideas” into actionable pipeline tasks. Would love to work with him again!


Users gained

4 mos

partnership period is a blockchain-based AI engine that combines the power of tier-1 AI engines and easy access through Telegram and WhatsApp messengers. The tool offers a subscription-based model that enables users to pay for the processing power they require on a monthly basis. ChatGod’s infrastructure is highly scalable, enabling it to handle large volumes of data and accommodate increasing user demand.

CEO & Founder

Slava and his team did amazing job with ChatGod, we’ve started from scratch and instead of gaining 10k users (it was our plan) closed first month with 85k. Really impressive how good the start was organised. We’ve reached 250k users in 4 months which was an absolutely win.

Tomer Nuni
Kryptomon, Pink Moon Studio ($11M raised)

I know Slava as a truly professional from several crypto projects. He definitely does the job good and I can recommend him to anyone searching for marketing or product scale in Web3.

Andrew Klesov
Ex-VP @ Master Card

Slava is that irreplaceable type of CMO with a fresh and in-depth look at crypto space for building a successful business at any stage of development. Slava combines top people management skills with first-hand experience dealing with all things marketing in Blockchain and IT broadly making him a perfect CMO for any CEO. I therefore strongly recommend Slava as a CMO to bring your Blockchain product or an IT company to a new level.

Kostiantyn Nikolaiev
Game Producer @ SGI. Ex-Head of Games @ Plarium

I know Slava as an outstanding professional. He can easy complement literally any web-project with his fantastic skills in online marketing. Thanks to a business-oriented set of mind, Slava always aims to best results for the project/company. Also, I would like to thank Slava for dealing with most complicated and challenging technical tasks. He was one of the few who could take the most difficult project and lead it to finish despite any obstacles.


Dedicated Team

Basic setup for project success

1x – CMO
1x – SMM manager
1x – Head of Partnerships
1x – Designer
1x – Copywriter
1x – Community Manager
1x – PPC manager

Your own team on 80% time allocation.

Growth Roadmap

Are you sure that your marketing process is broken but don’t know what to do about it?
Our approach is designed to craft a robust roadmap tailored to the unique goals of each project, ensuring success.

60 days – 30 collabs

We will create 30 collabs & paprtnerships engaging your community and force users growth. Utilizing our extensive network, we organically elevate product awareness and expand your project’s reach, fostering a vast and valuable network.


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